​Luxury Bags Consignment

We market your luxury bags, offering them for sale on our shop.
We make that process as EASY and CONVENIENT for you as possible, taking care of all the details so you can focus on the fun things in life.

Step 1

Drop us a WhatsApp with pictures of your items.

Thereafter, an indicative price range will be provided via Whatsapp for your consideration. Please note that this quotation may differ from the final price range provided after Step 2.

Step 2

Make an appraisal appointment.

 Every luxury item consigned to NEE VINTAGE will go through a stringent in-house appraisal before we put them up for sale. You may Visit our shop located at 232A South Bridge Road(level 2)for a private 1-on-1 appointment. 

Step 3

Sit back & relax!

Relax as the NEE VINTAGE team works to help you sell your Vintage bags through our multitude of online and in store. The default consignment period at NEE VINTAGE is 3 months. If your item remains unsold after this period, you can either continue to leave your items with us or opt to retrieve your items from us.


You will be notified once your item has been sold, and the nett sale proceeds after commission will be processed within 3 -5 working days via bank transfer.